Reading Taste


Lately I not only felt the desire but the need to talk about this topic. Being an avid reader for years now showed me just how much my taste in this regard has changed. When I think back to that time where I started getting involved in books it was always the same direction for me but as of late I realized some serious changes in my reading habits and how I view books that aren’t within my earlier beloved genres. This realization affected me more than I thought it would. You have to know I’m that sort of person that loathes changes and rarely ever leaves her comfort zone so it was pretty frightening for me at first. The transition happened unknowingly and over a long period of time but I finally accustomed to it and feel to ready to talk about the evolution of my reading taste.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you but a certain wizard named Harry Potter started it all for me. Not in the bookish aspect but more as an introduction as to what was destined to be my obsession later on. It was the world or rather the aspect of being fascinated by fictional worlds and playing with the thought of living in them that sparked my interest. And besides that the facet of being able to do something impossible such as wielding magic intrigued me. It still does. So that was where the story started…

I’ve already talked about my parents and how they forced me into reading in an earlier post. It’s just plausible for me to feel offended by such behavior. Who wouldn’t? But deep down I was already confronted with the thought of reading. I just didn’t knew it could be as interesting as watching the Harry Potter movies and being part of something bigger. But then I came across this one story that changed my perception on books for the better. And this book is called the Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. I don’t even know why I picked it up at that time I just know I did. It was the first YA book that affected me for a  very long time. I did read YA before such as the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike but none of these sticked with me that could be compared to the extent that the Summoning did. In fact, it had a darker tone to it that made it all the more interesting and stick out from what I knew. I still am in love with this series until this very day for all the sentimental value it has to me and I try to marathon it at least once a year. But let’s get back in time again…

My next obsession was dystopian books. I remember being smitten about them for a very long time. I think that must have been around the time when the Hunger Games came out, the movies and not the books, and all the hype that went along with it. But before that I didn’t even know what dystopian stories were about and dealt with much less what the  actual term meant. But once I got in on it I started to fall in love with the concept of apocalyptic worlds and people trying to save it. Well, if you think about it it might be interesting for some reading sessions but after some time I realized it’s always the same if not for some new elements thrown into the mix but I came to terms with it not being my thing anymore and I moved on.




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