Prologue; “Intro.”

My name is Laura and my happy place is in Cabeswater. If you haven’t already heard of it – it’s this live, magical creature of a forest where the trees have a mind of their own and speak Latin. But aside from that I’m in a constant state of running low on money for I spend it all on books and bookish merch. It was always a big dream of mine to voyage the world – especially Canada which I consider my true home even though I wasn’t born there. But deep down I just know my heart and soul truly belong to this magnificent country’s core.

My vessel is 5’4″, my hair an unruly blonde-brownish mess and my eyes are mix between light-grey and blue. Whenever it is summer I dream of the colder days to come. Hot tea is my kryptonite and I can’t seem to ever get enough of it. Add a good book and a cozy pair of socks to the mix and I’m as happy as it can get. My loyalties lie with the Norse and Greek Gods.

I’m an avid reader, tv shows devourer and photography enthusiast. I have way too many fictional boyfriends and I’ve lost count of them all but I still wait for one in particular to pick me up – in reality. Ever since I was a child my interest for literature revealed itself by writing short stories and my own versions of fairytales. It was my grandma who introduced me to this spectrum but, ultimately, I have to thank my parents for it was them who shoved me into this world and thenceforth my love for literature only grew to unknown heights.

I bid you welcome into this little, messed-up world of mine, but when it comes down to it, I’m just as sane as you are

~ Laura